Engineering Knowledge / Company Vision

Plan B Engineering is a structural engineering design firm that specializes in temporary structures.  Our staff focuses on providing engineering services for the "means and methods" designs that contractors often require.

Plan B will make every effort to be very cognizant of the various aspects that affect a structure and will work with all involved parties (Contractor, Owner, Architect, Engineer of Record, Detailers, Permitting Agencies) to ensure an efficient and appropriate design and methodology.

Plan B utilizes all forms of transportation to ensure that our customers have the opportunity to have an engineer present at any time of the design process. Although our office is headquarted outside of Philadelphia, we are able to provide engineering services at any location in the United States.

We are in the age of composite construction, virtual prototyping and computer controlled construction, and, having embraced integrated design in its infancy, we acknowledge the fact that today, the design and management of projects requires integration of precise, competent engineering skills with technological expertise.  The size of our firm enables Plan B to provide direct project involvement by the company principals and our approach is to safeguard the public interest, focus on sustainability and to build more economically and safely.

Since the start of Plan B Engineering, its core values and vision remain unchanged.  Plan B remains dedicated to its commitment to customer service, continuous improvement and employee satisfaction.  These are Plan B's values:

  • Customer Service: We offer a high level of service to our valued customers from start to finish.  We establish the most cost-effective rates for our client, strive to ensure that our products are delivered accurately and on-time, and make certain that our projects are done in a professional manner.
  • Public Safety is Paramount: To establish and maintain a high standard of integrity, skill, and practice in the professions and to safeguard the life, health, safety, welfare and property of the public.
  • Continuous Improvement: Our philosophy of continuous improvement not only applies to our own business practices and processes but also to our employees as well.  We believe that ongoing education, innovative solutions, and continuous training provides the catalyst for the continued growth of our organization and ensures that our employees possess the necessary skills to serve our customers' needs.
  • Employee Satisfaction: Plan B attributes a major part of its success to this goal.  Satisfied employees produce a loyal, committed, and hardworking team who, in turn, strengthen both internal and external relationships, resulting in quality work for our customers.





Lucy G. Moses Preservation Award   Lucy G. Moses Preservation Award
  Hats Off Award-for significant achievement in the preservation of the rich
for Judd Foundation   for Knickerbocker Club: Centennial Renewal   architectural heritage and cultural legacy of New York City's Upper East Side
  April 23, 2019   for 998 Fifth Avenue