101 Spring Street

Designed in 1870 by Nicholas White, the former commercial building was home and studio to sculptor Donald Judd, who treated it as a permanent installation for his work. It has a cast iron facade that, unlike most cast iron buildings, does not imitate stone and includes mechanistic details. The Judd Foundation, in keeping with the idea of a permanent installation, renovated, rehabilitated and restored the building to maintain the legacy and ease public access.  The building is the only intact, single use cast iron building remaining in SoHo, Manhattan.

Plan B Engineering designed a total enclosure of the structure to allow the entire cast iron facade to be removed and shipped off for repair, as well as a new roof removed and installed in a sequential process. Once the facade was removed, the enclosure system functioned as shear walls for the structure. It also provided a framework for rigging the facade pieces, weather enclosures for year-round work and pedestrian protection.  In particular, the building successfully took on Hurricane Irene relying on the temporary system while half the facade was removed.

Additionally, Plan B Engineering designed new attachments for the cast iron to the existing structure, using the shop drawings from the cast iron contractor and surveys of the existing. A 3D scope of work animation was created alongside a series of detailed sub-grade bracing renders and exterior protection and scaffold renders.

Download the Project Sheet for 101 Spring St / Judd Foundation and other projects here!

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